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Without proper medical supervision of such a practice, however, can be very dangerous. Few, however , we can say that today, bodybuilders have over their predecessors twenty years ago , at the top.
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Moreover , the body produces its own IGF- 1 , we find this growth factor in small quantities in colostrum and - aliquid milk product that is produced by the breast before breast milk.
Colostrum can be purchased in any health food store , but you should understand that it is very difficult to get IGF- 1 as well.

Like many other additives as IGF- 1 consists of a molecule to a peptide based on ( a chain consisting of amino acids).
Their digestive system, therefore , IGF- 1 is located with other molecules such as peptides and amino acids are decomposed into individual (and other protein sources ) . Grow Taller 4 Idiots Accordingly, the ends so that the IGF- 1 molecule of the protein was maintained.

The richest source of IGF- 1 is genetically modified bacteria . On the basis of the recombinant DNA can be prepared virtually unlimited source of IGF- 1.
Next , white powder is sold as frozen , store in the refrigerator , protected from light ( like most of the synthetic drugs in light spreads - it is necessary to take into account when buying a black market).

Before use, the powder was suspended in sterile water to give a solution of about 50 cm . Like other synthetic fabrics is an IGF- 1 and are very expensive on the black market to pay for a monthly dose of about $ 5000, and you can easily get twice the Grow Taller 4 Idiots Scam Darwin Smith Visit Related Page Joey Atlas Review